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Materials & Sourcing

Salt & Pepper Diamonds

The term salt and pepper refers to a diamond clarity that has white inclusions and dark carbon deposits in its matrix. These inclusions are what give salt and pepper diamonds their cosmic characteristic and do not pose any structural threat to the diamond. A salt and pepper diamond will by nature receive a low grade of I1-I3 on the traditional diamond grading chart, their color grade can range from completely colorless to natural black.

Antique & Vintage Post-consumer Diamonds

While all of our modern mined diamonds are ethically sourced and Kimberley certified, the absolute best way to know that a diamond has not contributed to any current environmental or ethical issues is to use a post consumer stone. For diamonds, anything that was mined and cut 100 years or earlier is consider antique and anything pre-1970s is considered vintage. The term post-consumer encompasses both of these categories and is defined as any stone that has been reclaimed.


Our Montana Sapphires are sourced from a single small production miner on the El Dorado Bar in Montana as rough and cut in NYC. All sapphires from Umba River, Tanzania and Sri Lanka are ethically mined and sourced and Kimberley certified.

Gold & Silver

All of our gold is 100% reclaimed and recycled and all sterling silver is 100% reclaimed and recycled, with a content of .925% pure Nickel free Silver.