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Jewelry Care

Gold, Diamonds & Gemstones

Precious metals and gems may be lightly polished with a treated jewelry polishing cloth to clean or restore shine. If your piece needs a deeper cleaning, please bring it back to us or to a local jeweler. We do not recommend using home cleaning kits such as chemical dips or ultrasonics.

While our jewelry is made for daily wear it should be removed prior to cleaning with any chemicals, working out, heavy lifting, etc. Personal products such as lotion, perfumes, or hair products will not cause damage but can lead to build up especially under gem settings which will need to be removed.

We recommend that all engagement rings have their settings checked and tightened every 6-12 months. Please contact orders@digbyandiona.com to schedule a complementary cleaning or inspection.


Our oxidized silver jewelry is hand polished and designed to look better as it is worn but if surface tarnish develops it may be lightly polished with a treated jewelry polishing cloth. At home silver cleaning dips will completely remove any oxidation detail on your silver piece and should not be used. We use the Sunshine cloth brand in the studio and highly recommended it for at home use!

Please note that because our silver is hand oxidized and polished it can tarnish in shipping. This can be easily removed with the polishing cloth included in your order.