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Our studio is located in The Invisible Dog arts center in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. In addition to the jewelry, the studio is also packed floor to ceiling with antiques and curiosities. We love visitors, so if you are interested in commissioning a custom piece, seeing any of the work in person or just want to see where it all happens, feel free to contact us to schedule a visit.

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Digby & Iona does not tolerate racism, oppression or violence. We will strive to be actively anti-racist and stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and all those fighting for justice and change. As a small company we are taking a hard look at what aspects of our business and collaborations that can change to back up these words and will continue to do so into the future. 



As a young boy growing up in Maine, Aaron was fascinated with the idea of stumbling upon hidden treasures and unearthing ancient relics. Created in 2006, the “Digby & Iona” namesake stems from a trip to Nova Scotia, taken before the company had ever been established. Feeling a connection with the small province and wanting to maintain a level of anonymity, Ruff chose to name his company after the two quiet seaside towns in Nova Scotia.

The son of a craftsman, Ruff has grown up with a strong sense of artistry and construction. Working as both a carpenter and cabinetmaker, he enrolled at Parsons to study furniture design. After taking a class in jewelry making, Ruff soon discovered his true craft. While enjoying the familiarity and technique of creating furniture, he found a more intimate connection with constructing objects that people could wear and cherish. This connection is distinct in each one of his well-crafted pieces.

Ruff now works out of his Brooklyn studio, creating jewelry inspired by everything from history and literature, to the design of nature and tools of necessity. Ruff also draws from his childhood fantasies of exploration, which lends a playful quality to his work.